PHOTO tour Ukraine:


Kiiv: 3-4 days

Orthodox monastery Lavra

Other orthodox churches (St. Sofia, St. Michael)

Exhibits of WWII museum

Central square Majdan – a place of the revolution in 2014

Museum of Cernobyl catastrophe

Residential houses from Stalin, Chrustev, and Breznev periods

Museum of Stalin´s famine


Lviv: 2-3 days

Street photography

Village visit (outside of Lviv) – photography of local people

Large baroque churches, not reconstructed - formerly catholic but later transformed into orthodox ones

Not yet reconstructed historical houses from the Polish period


Odessa: 2-3 days

Potemkin stairs

Large palaces from tsar period

Model photography in old streets and abandoned Soviet factories

Soviet monuments

Main railway station

Black sea embankment


Ukraine is an ideal country for creative photography.  This is a true paradise for architecture, street and model photography with its old historical buildings and churches from tsar period (until 1917) or monuments and buildings from Soviet period. Houses, streets and palaces are often in original untouched condition, not reconstructed yet.  Their cracked and damaged facades are what make them an ideal background for model photography.  Old soviet abandoned factories are excellent background too. Local people are happy to be photographed.  Street photography is much easier in Ukraine then in any other European country.


Our photo tour includes 3 cities:  Kiiv – the capital, western Ukrainian Lviv and Odessa – situated in south of the country, on the Black sea cost. The transportation between cities are mainly trains: Kiiv – Lviv 5,5H, Kiiv – Odessa 7H, or, as an alternative, domestic flights. From Lviv to Odessa it is possible to take an overnight sleeper train (10H) or to fly via Kiev, where taking connection flight is necessary.


Hotels in all three cities are excellent, but we would still suggest 4 star category. Ukrainian cuisine is outstanding, truly delicious one.  Kiiv, Lviv and Odessa are safe. The overall safety situation is very similar to other European cities.


Exact itinerary will be sent upon request


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